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How to Get Started in Alien Worlds

Create a WAX cloud wallet.

Link the wallet to Alien worlds. Make sure pop-ups are enabled. When you login a pop-up will appear asking you to sign into your wallet.

Sometimes new players will get an error saying something about a ‘null’ property. You can try refreshing the game and after some time the error will stop appearing.

Pick your name and character. Gender is purely cosmetic, it has no effect on the game.

Pick your planet and biome. You can change these at any time so you can choose the recommended locations to begin with.

Equip the Standard Shovel that you are given. Sometimes the equipment will not update on the first try. Refreshing the game should allow it to update properly.

Start mining!

After some time you will have a small stash of TLM, the currency you get from mining.

Exchange your TLM for WAX on Alcor exchange. Select Sell and Market Order. Select how much TLM you want to exchange. Click Sell.

Keep some WAX to stake in your wallet in case you need more resources. I recommend keeping at least 1 WAX in your wallet. To check your usage sign into your wallet. On the right side of the page click on Resources. You can see how much you’re using. If you need more you can stake WAX to the category that has high usage. Make sure to select the right category!

Buy tools from Atomichub marketplace.

If you want to equip multiple tools of the same type, it becomes a little bit complicated. This may change in the future. You have to go to this website.

Scroll down to “Enter Data”. In the “account” field replace m.federation with your wax wallet address. In the “items” field enter the ID numbers of the tools you want to equip with this format: [“Item 1 ID #”,”Item 2 ID #”,”Item 3 ID #”]. When you enter the ID number omit the hashtag. The ID numbers for your items can be found in the NFTs tab of your wax wallet home page. Click on the item you want. The ID number will appear below the asset name.

Congratulations! You now have a solid foundation from which to expand your alien empire!

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